Large Domestic & Commercial Solutions


The i-on160EX is a hybrid wired/wirefree alarm system that extends the i-on range to network expandable systems for more complex installations where a much more flexible solution is required. One i-on160EX control unit can operate up to 160 zones by using expanders. Different types of expander allow either wired or wirefree detectors in the same system. 

The i-on160EX uses i-kp01 keypads. The keypad has a two line by 20 character backlit LCD display and a built in proximity tag (prox tag) reader. Users can set and unset the system or partitions from the keypad, either by keying-in access codes or presenting a prox tag.



The i-on160EX provides a socket for an add-on communication module. The available modules are:

  • i-dig02. A PSTN digital communicator
  • i-sd-02. PSTN speech dialler and digital 
  • i-gsm02. GSM speech, SMS and digital
  • 8750. Chiron IP communicator
  • 8844. Chiron GPRS communicator
  • Other Connectors

Part Setting or Partitioned System

The i-on160EX offers two basic ways of behaving as an alarm system.

In Part Set Mode the i-on160EX can set in either Full set or three varieties of Part Set.

In Partition Mode the i-on160EX provides the equivalent of 20, smaller, independent alarm systems. Each system is a “Partition” of the i-on160EX. Each zone can belong to more than one Partition. Each Partition can have a Full Set level and one Part Set level. During programming we can allocate keypads, sounders or outputs to any of the partitions.

Security Grade

Either EN50131-1:2009 Grade 2 or EN50131-1:2009 Grade 3