The iWISE QUAD AM is the most advanced detector, enabled by digital signal processing, patented True Temperature Compensation and an improved lens design. It is the ideal detector solution to reduce false alarms and improve catch performance in adverse environments. Two independent dual element Passive Infra Red sensors and digital processing channels provide the highest level of catch performance and false alarm immunity. 15m detection range.



iWISE™ DT detectors are a true revolution in detector technology due to Rokonet’s patent-pending Anti Cloak™ Technology. The detector uses dual Microwave and Passive Infra Red technologies to detect intruders. Available in 10m (33ft), 15m (50ft) and 25m (82ft) detection range.




The iWise Quadseq provides a reliable solution for installations that have to meet both Grade 3 and DD243 requirements for sequential confirmation in a single room. The iWise Quadseq contains two independent detectors in a single housing. When mounted in the corner of a room, one detector covers the two walls the unit is mounted on, while the second detector covers the centre of the room. This detector is ideal for systems linked to the Police that require confirmation signalling.



iWISE™ DT PET is a Dual Technology (DT) detector offering the unique attributes of DT in combination with sophisticated PET immunity. Utilizing a custom designed lens and advanced algorithms, iWISE™ DT PET provides 45 kg (100 lb) dog and six-cat immunity, with no loss of catch performance, and no false alarms.




iWISE™ PET provides full pet immunity with no loss of catch performance. The iWise PET can easily distinguish between intruders and pets, allowing complete pet freedom of movement without false alarm. Provides 36kg (80lb) dog and five cat immunity.





The LuNAR DT is a ceiling mounted 360 detector that dramatically reduces false alarms via its combination of dual-element passive infrared technology with microwave, both of which must verify an intrusion for activation. Ideal alternative for wall mounted detectors.