The SD1+ speech dialler is the ideal companion for virtually any alarm control panel as it provides additional protection, rather than relying on the outside sounder/bell to attract attention. When the alarm is triggered, the SD1+ speech dialler will ring a combination of four different numbers (including mobile phones) to alert people you know and trust so that they can investigate appropriately.

The speech dialler stores up to four pre-recorded messages which can be used to warn of four different situations, e.g. burglary alarm, personal attack alarm, fire alarm etc. These are specific to your alarm system and can be changed as often as desired.

The SD1+ speech dialler is connected between the security alarm control panel and the telephone line. It behaves like another extension to the telephone and does not affect the normal operation or that of any other extensions fitted.

The SD1+ speech dialler is simple to operate with clear 'on screen' instructions guiding the user through programming messages and telephone numbers for their alarm system.

On receiving a call from the SD1+ speech dialler the person answering acknowledges the call by pressing the number 8 on their telephone. They then carry out appropriate action as decided when programming their SD1+ speeh dialler. If the message is not acknowledged, then it is repeated for one minute after which the SD1+ speech dialler aborts the call. It then dials the next number.

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